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my story...

I live in Cornwall, UK ,where you can find me eating roast dinners, exploring new beaches, or chilling with a good series on Netflix.

 I'm a Mindset Coach, Patient Advocate and lover of life.

I help millennials with long term health conditions find joy and happiness by becoming more purposeful in the present. 


I'm eliza.

Hey ya!

it was only when...

I always thought having a purpose was a big deal!

I would be stuck at home aged 19, swiping through Instagram.  Watching my friends having the best time of their lives at university, preparing themselves for their future amazing lives. Creating their purpose one lecture at a time.

I was desperate for purpose. I craved it. I wanted a job to my name.
 A university I was proud to be part of.

But I couldn’t, because I had multiple chronic illnesses and I could barely get out of bed to leave the house (let alone do the above).  

My Story

I was placed on the urgent transplant list did i realise what true purpose and joy was. 

You're probably wondering.. How could you gain purpose when you're so close to death?

Well, It was at this point I realised my purpose was to survive.

I realised that focusing on the weeks/ months ahead wasn’t going to work for me.

My conditions were so sporadic, I couldn’t plan to save my life (quite literally).

So I started to focus on the day ahead of me. I would concentrate on getting up in the morning, eating enough food so I could take my tablets, trying to move my body, checking if I had any hospital appointments coming up, checking in on how my body was feeling and REALLY enjoying the little wins and happy moments through out the day.

I soon realised having a degree or a job to my name wasn't the thing that was going to give me true purpose. Perhaps It was more of an excuse or form of distraction I wanted to use to cover up the bigger issues in my life (I.e my chronic Illness).  

With a change in mindset and a change of my core habits I started to transform and rediscover joy, even with just months left to live. 

Get  to  Know me...

1. fav tv show:


2. workout of choice

youtube workout; yoga

3. drink order

diet coke 

4. can't live without

a weekly roast Dinner!

5. travel spot

amsterdam (with lots of cafe stops) 

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6. fav book

Everything is Figureoutable

7. fav naughty snack


8. yoga pose


9. daily lunch

healthy chicken ramen

10. brands i love

Zara + pull&bear

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My Timeline

my health journey


Pneumonia, Respiritory Arrest, Induced Coma, Congenital Heart Condition Uncovered 


Received 1st pacemaker, Experiencing tiredness, Heart Palpitations  


Fighting End of stage Heart Failure, fatigue, Struggling with eating; socialising, moving my body. Started learning about my true purpose. 


Put on the waiting list for a Heart Transplant. Bed bound, months left to live. 


2nd pacemaker, 1.5 months of hospital stays and a further 2 months in Hospital waiting on the Urgent Transplant List.    


I received a life saving heart transplant and raised £18,000 the hospital's charity! 


Founded the Podcast 'Transplant Chats With Eliza'. Open and Candid Conversations for the Transplant community. Speaker at NHS Transplant education seminars.


The launch of  Rare But Understood.  Coaching for young people with long term health conditions.  


my second home. I'm either lazing on the beach or walking along a hidden coastal foot path.

The beach is


'Deliciously Ella'! There are so many interesting chats on all things health, happiness and balance. I always feel like I've got my life together after getting my pod fix of this.

my favorite podcast is...


I am my most happiest when I'm at home, alone, under my duvet watching a new Netflix series.

I love my lazy days


Heights! The edges of cliffs and standing close to the edges of things FREAKS me out!!

I'm deathly afraid of


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